Pedro Almodóvar


Pedro Almodovar is a renowned Spanish Director. His films have been described by many critics as
some of the most controversial films throughout Spanish History as well as being some of the most 
  widely recognised cinematic representations of the Post-Franco era. This website has been created
in honour of his iconic artistic films and is a chance to learn more about him and to discuss freely
opinions on any of his films.

Almodovar gained much significance as a director during the 'Movida' era.  Following Francisco
Franco's death in 1975, Pedro was one of the many young filmmakers in Spain to take advantage of
the newfound freedom that appeared to embrace society.  Since Franco was no longer dictating,
many people -  especially the young, went through a rebellious streak associating themselves with
previously taboo activites such as drugs, sex, music, violence and film.  I believe that Pedro
Almodovar encouraged this movement a great deal with his outrageous story-lines including many
of these taboo activities.  Obviously films have always been a fundamental way of reflecting Politial
and Social movements, but I feel that Almodovar went beyond this and he directed Spain further a
long this social movement, by essentially influencing people's newly liberal way of thinking.  His
films firmly made their mark on cultural production and he went against any rule or any previously '
politically correct' idea.

Openly referring to himself as a 'women's director', Pedro Almodovar fully believes in celebrating
the beauty and fascination of women on screen.  Many of his films have been viewed as
discriminative towards men, shown principally with the number of voyant and phallocentric male
characters Pedro uses in his films. 

 A question for thought - While thinking about his influence during the Movida period it seems fair to question what right Almodovar had, if any, to produce such shocking films straight after the death of a prime minister that was quite clearly against any of these taboo activities and wanted his country to reject them as well? 

Who does he think he is?

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