Pedro Almodóvar
What do you think of Broken Embraces?

To give you some thought:
In an interview by Dave Calhoun with Almodóvar for the Time Out London magazine, Almodóvar said 'there are a lot of important themes. It’s a great love story. It’s also a great story about cinema, about the fragility of cinema if someone steps in between the author and the film. It’s about parents, children and guilt. It’s also a declaration of love for my profession,’

What influence do you think Almodovar had during the Movida Era, Post-Franco?  Do you currently and did you like him?  Do you think he contributed to the Spanish transition of freedom and liberal thinking?  I would love to know your opinions and thoughts...
Which director best represents Spanish cinema and why?

Choose from some of the most renowned directors:
Alejando Amenabar - 'Los Otros/The Others' 2001
Luis Bunel - 'Los Olvidados/The Forgotten' 1950
Guillermo del Terro - 'Pan's Labyrinth' 2006
OR feel free to suggest your other favourite Spanish film directors!

    Anna Guglielmi

    I am studying French and film/television studies at Nottingham University in the UK.  I love artistic films, especially film Noir and Italian Neo-realism.  I am extremely interested in Pedro Almodovar - his films fascinate me and I would like to see whether they have done the same to you!


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