Pedro Almodóvar

Pedro Almodovar speaks about 'Broken Embraces' in English!

This gives a detailed outlook of why Almodovar shot some of the scenes the way he did and he explains his reasoning behind some of the characters actions, and more specifically his star Penelope Cruz.  This interview was carried out at a Press Conference in London in August 2009.

Almodovar and Penelope Cruz on the Stephen Holt show

Almodovar and Penelope Cruz talking on the Stephen Holt Show discussing 'Volver'.   Almodovar expresses his admiration for Penelope and his desire for her to receive an Oscar after her nomination for best actress.  Sadly she did not receive an Oscar for 'Volver' in 2006 she received one for 'Vicky Cristina Barcelona' - a Woody Allen film in 2009.  She did however win a 'Goya' (Spanish Academy Award) in Volver for the best actress.  Volver's success went worldwide and it was thanks to this film and her oscar nomination for this film that Penelope gained international recognition.

Pedro Almodovar on the Late Night show

Pedro Almodovar is interviewed by just after the release of Kika 1994. He is rather comical in this interview pretending to be oblivious to the 'sensuality' in his films as well as stating how much he wants to improve his English.  They talk about how the film will be received in the US due to the shocking themes of violence, sex and comical elements in it implying that there will be a negative response. Almodovar promotes his film in the US by claiming that 'American's are more civilised than they think'!